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Analysis of film Punch-Drunk Love by P. T. Andersona

english edition / film analysis

Come and watch Paul Thomas Anderson's masterpiece PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE with expert insights of British film critic and curator, regular co-operator of The Hollywood Reporter and Sight & Sound Neil Young, who considers the film as one of his top three.

The screening will be held in English with Czech subtitles and it will last about 150 minutes (the screening will be stopped several times, in order to analyse selected scenes in more detail). The analysis will be held in English without translation.

PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE is Paul Thomas Anderson's „odd, touching and unique“ fourth film. It brought Anderson Best Director Award at Cannes 2002 and 50 other awards and nominations. Director himself has referred to Punch-Drunk Love as „an art house Adam Sandler film“. Masterly directed, with great cinematography by Robert Elswit, editing by Leslie Jones and phenomenal score by Jon Brion, the film has much to offer for analysing.

PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE is a story of a psychologically troubled novelty supplier (Adam Sandler) who´s nudged towards a romance with an English woman (Emily Watson), all the while being extorted by a phone-sex line run by a crooked mattress salesman (Philip Seymour Hoffman), and purchasing stunning amounts of pudding.

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