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masterclass / film screening / school lecture

Another guest of the education platform Cinergy is Hungarian cinematographer Mátyás Erdély who is mainly known for his work on "Son of Saul" by László Nemes. Master class will focus on his personal approach and cinematic style which is characterized by elaborated mise-en-scène, observation style and scenes in one long shot.


film screening / Q&A

In cooperation with Distribution Company Pilot Films and Production Company Axman Production, we would like to invite you to a sneak-preview screening of the Polish film Fugue directed by Agniezska Smoczyńska and premiered at this year´s Critics´ Week section at MFF Cannes. Director together with producer Agniezska Kurzydlo will be having a discussion with the audience after the screening. The talk will be hosted by Lenka Tyrpakova, programmer of Karlovy Vary IFF and apart from the actual film Fugue, Smozcyńska debut feature The Lure, important world film festivals appearances and Czech-Polish coproduction will be also topics of the discussion.

João Viana & Sabine Lancelin

master-class / film screening

Director João Viana and director of photography Sabine Lancelin will be the next CINERGY guests and already during next week will introduce probably the most interesting Portuguese film of the last year Our Madness. The film has been premiered at this year´s Berlinale together with its short version Madness and has been awarded at the Indie Lisboa festival as a Best Portuguese feature film.

Gaspar Noé was born in Argentina in 1963 but he has lived in Paris since he was a child. He studied at Louis Lumière College, where he already began to shine with his short fiction films. It was his 40-minute film Carne, however, that first brought him acclaim. The film was continued as a full-length feature called I Stand Alone. His work is characterised by a sense of naturalism, the epicenter of which was the anal-rape scene in the controversial film Irreversible. Noé has won numerous awards at Cannes, as well as at other prestigious events. 

master-class / film screening


master-class / film screening


master-class / film screening

Master class with French director, actor Romain Goupil. In 1968, as a 16-year-old secondary school student, he was one of the most active participants in the student revolt in Paris, during which he met then-student leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit. He documented the events of 1968 in his film Half a Life, which came out in 1982 and earned numerous prizes at film festivals, including a Caméra d'Or at Cannes, and was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film. Romain Goupil visits Prague as part of the project “The year 1968 in France, Germany and Czechoslovakia: A common story?”

lecture / film screening


Super 16 is the leading alternative film school of Denmark which over the last almost 20 years has graduated many successful filmmakers and films produced by the school are very often selected and awarded at various film festival around the world. The organisation is legally a union with a board of selected students, and Super16 functions as a community, solely driven by the filmmakers themselves. The education runs for 3 years, and every second year, the current students accept 6 new directors, 6 producers and 4 writers. The classes are organised by the students and no teacher work full time, but instead, they hire external teachers and experts from the Danish and international film industry, all depending on what the current students find relevant.

The first Cinergy’s guest in 2018 will be Kevin B. Lee, internationally renowned filmmaker, journalist and video essayist. Lee, who has been named “the king of video essays” by The New York Times, frequently writes for Sight & Sound, Slate and Indiewire. He is also the founding editor and chief video essayist at He has made over 360 essays exploring film and media – he examines various aspects of filmmaking and specific trails of each director’s style. His renowned videos include an examination of “Lynchian style”, counting of all the murders in Tarantino’s films or a meditative poem created from 123 shots in Tarkovski’s Nostalgia.

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master class / workshop

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