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Christian Berger & Christoph Kanter

On creating visual style in Michael Haneke's films

film lecture / workshop / film screening

In their master class, long time collaborators of Michael Haneke cinematographer Christian Berger and production designer Christoph Kanter will talk about the way they create the unique visual style in Haneke’s films. Berger and Kanter collaborated on five Haneke’s film – White Ribbon, The Piano Player, Benny’s Video, Hidden and 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance. Christian Berger, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his work on White Ribbon, will also talk about his unique lightning system called Cine Reflect. This system was based on lighting principles from industrial architecture and uses as much natural light as possible.

Christian Berger
Berger is one of the most renowned cinematographers of today and a long time collaborator of Michael Haneke. He worked with Haneke for the first time in 1992 on Benny’s Video, followed by 71 Fragments of Chronology of Chance, The Piano Player, Hidden, White Ribbon and Happy End. He received an Academy Award nomination for his work on White Ribbon. Berger is the inventor of the unique lightning system called Cine Reflect. The system, based on the use of natural light, is highly effective. Productions that use the system require only one-tenth of the wattage associated with lighting regular shoots.

„The system was developed to mimic nature. Like the sun, it uses a single powerful parallel beam light source, and a wide range of reflectors, diffusion and scrims to redirect and alter the character and distribution of the light“ – Berger said in one of his interviews.
List of Berger’s works also includes By the Sea by Angelina Jolie, The Notebook by János Szásze or Ludwig II by Marie Nolle.

Christoph Kanter
Production designer Christoph Kanter has worked with Michael Haneke on eight films. In 2010 he received the German Film Award for his work on White Ribbon. In 2016 he worked on Fog in August, for which he was nominated for the German Film Award again.

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