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Gaspar Noé

master-class / film screening

Gaspar Noé was born in Argentina in 1963 but he has lived in Paris since he was a child. He studied at Louis Lumière College, where he already began to shine with his short fiction films. It was his 40-minute film Carne, however, that first brought him acclaim. The film was continued as a full-length feature called I Stand Alone. His work is characterized by a sense of naturalism, the epicentre of which was the anal-rape scene in the controversial film Irreversible. Noé has won numerous awards at Cannes, as well as at other prestigious events.

"2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) is the film I've seen more than any other in my life. My life altered when I discovered it when I was about seven in Buenos Aires. It was my first hallucinogenic experience, my great artistic turning point and also the moment when my mother finally explained what a foetus was and how I came into the world. Without this film, I would never have become a director." - Gaspar Noé

In 2015 he continues his cooperation with cinematographer Benoît Debie on a 3D film Love. This year is Gaspar Noé back with a musical that’s also a journey to the underworld. He takes the dancers from a dance company and locks them up in a club where, over the course of a night, a rave will take place among happy feet and various atrocities. The film Climax is coming to Czech cinemas this week.

"There is no line between art and pornography. You can make art of anything. You can make an experimental movie with that candle or with this tape recorder. You can make a piece of art with a cat drinking milk. You can make a piece of art with people having sex. There is no line. Anything that is shot or reproduced in an unusual way is considered artistic or experimental." -Gaspar Noé

The master class will be hosted by Czech filmmaker, musician and radio moderator Šimon Holý.

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