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Všechna videa

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Joachim Trier

screening / QA

The next focus of Cinergy will be the Norwegian director Joachim Trier. Author of the acclaimed films Reprise, Oslo, 31. August and Louder than Bombs, is currently receiving international praise for Thelma, a supernatural thriller about a young student who explores her sexuality, independence and terrifying powers. An overview of Joachim Trier’s work will be presented, followed by a screening of Thelma. After the screening, a skype Q&A with the director himself will be conducted. The film will be screened with Czech and English subtitles, the Q&A will be conducted in English. Journalist Ian Willoughby will conduct the interview and present Trier's work during the introduction.


Having just enrolled at a university in Oslo against her stern parents' will, the sheltered Biology freshman and devout Christian, Thelma, leaves for the first time the isolated Norwegian countryside, to start a new life away from home. Tangibly lonely, a casual conversation and an unexpected friendship in the face of the beautiful fellow student, Anja, will broaden Thelma's hazy horizons; however, as the glacially alluring misfit wrestles with an onslaught of novel feelings, an unprecedented psychosomatic manifestation of repressed emotions take over. A mystery cloaks soft-spoken Thelma's past, and the more she struggles to renounce her nebulous desire, the more violent is her quivering awakening. But can Thelma find a denied truth behind a stinging temptation? 

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