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film analysis / talk

Cinergy Praha and Prague Writers´ Festival spisovatelů Praha invite you to the screening of the acclaimed film THE HOURS, which will be attended by a very special guest – MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM himself.

Find out more about the way this Pulitzer Prize-winning book was adapted for the big screen with the best man for the job – the author of the novel who cooperated on the script as well.

The screening of the film will be held in English with Czech subtitles and it will last about 180 minutes – the screening will be stopped several times in order to analyse selected parts of the film in more detail. The analysis will be held in English without translation.

Three women, three times, three places. Three suicide attempts, two successful. All are linked in a way by a novel. In Sussex in 1941, the novelist Virginia Woolf fills the pockets of her coat with rocks and walks into a river to drown. In Los Angeles in 1951, Laura Brown fills her purse with pills and checks into a hotel to kill herself. In New York in 2001, Clarissa Vaughan watches as the man she was once married to decides whether to let himself fall out of a window or not.

Michael Cunningham is one of the guests of this year’s Prague Writers´ Festival spisovatelů Praha, where he’ll present his new book Glory.

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