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Cinergy Prague and Girls in Film Prague invite members of the local film industry to a lecture and hands-on workshop with the world's leading intimacy coordinator, Ita O'Brien, on the 30th and 31st of March. 

Ita O'Brien is an intimacy coordinator and movement director for film, television, and theatre. Since 2014, Ita O'Brien has been developing best practices when working with intimacy, sexually explicit scenes and nudity in film, television and theatre. Ita pioneered the role of the Intimacy Coordinator, which is increasingly being adopted by leading production houses including HBO, Netflix, and the BBC. Her previous credits include Normal People, Sex Education, I May Destroy You, Carnival Row, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and Magic Mike’s Last Dance. 

30. 3. / 6 - 9 pm / Studio Hrdinů / Industry presentation of the Intimacy On Set Guidelines and the Role of the Intimacy Coordinator

How do you prepare safely for an intimate scene? 

What are the rules and proper instructions for working on sexual scenes on set? 

What are the conditions for shooting kissing or nude scenes? 

What is the producer's responsibility? 

What can an actor/actress ask for? 

What should the director and crew do when shooting these scenes? 

All these questions will be answered during the lecture on the first day of the event, where there will be a sharing of the Intimacy on Set Guidelines, exploring the ethics of working with intimacy during the audition process, rehearsal and performance. This lecture is open to all members of the film industry including Producers, Writers, Casting Directors, Agents, Directors, Actors, DOP’s, AD’s, Sound department, Costume, Make-up department and Editors.

The lecture will be held in English, and no translation into Czech will be provided. The entrance fee is 300 CZK. Tickets will be on sale from March 14th on


31. 3. / 10 am – 5 pm / Kampus Hybernská / private workshop of the Intimacy On Set Guidelines

31. 3. / 6:30 – 8 pm / Kampus Hybernská / Industry sharing of scenes explored at the in-person work

This workshop is exclusively for trained & working professional Actors, Directors, Choreographers & Movement Directors interested in exploring clear guidelines when working with intimacy on screen. The day will provide a solid introduction to working with moments of intimacy, giving participants practical experience of how to implement the Intimacy On Set Guidelines and how to integrate their learning into their own practice. 

We will explore:

- The importance of table work, exploring the text to enable the actor to serve the character within the intimate content.

- Creating a safe environment through the use of a ‘closed rehearsal room/set’.

- Sculpting moments of intimacy from a pre-allocated play, putting into practice the Intimacy on Set Guidelines.

- Participants will gain key insights into how to approach intimacy for screen

- There will be no nakedness or nudity in this workshop.

- Participants will be asked to conduct some research in preparation for the workshop.

Access to the workshop is only possible after having registered and received our confirmation. To apply, please register at by the 23rd of March. Workshop fee 2.500 CZK (includes workshop and lecture entry). The workshop is limited to 30 participants. Participants will be selected in cooperation with Ita O'Brien on the basis of the above information.


Video presentation of the workshop


Ita O’Brien is the UK’s leading Intimacy Coordinator and founder of Intimacy on Set, her company set up in 2018, which provides services to TV, film, & theatre when dealing with intimacy, sexual content, and nudity.

Intimacy on Set has supported numerous high-profile film and TV productions including Normal People & Conversations With Friends (BBC3/Hulu), Sex Education 1&2 (Netflix), I May Destroy You (BBC/HBO), It’s A Sin (Channel 4), Empire Of Light (Neal Street Prods / Searchlight Pictures), Lady Chatterley’s Lover (Netflix / Blueprint Pictures ) and Magic Mike’s Last Dance, (Warner Bros/ Mammoth Productions). As a result of O’Brien’s work on productions of such calibre, she has been widely covered in the national and international media as the leading spokesperson in this space.

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