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Director Robert Eggers and cinematographer Jarin Blaschke – in Prague! Do not miss the unique opportunity to meet the filmmakers whose work includes The Witch (2015), The Lighthouse (2019), and The Northman (2022) – some of the most original and critically acclaimed contemporary genre films. The moderated discussion will be hosted by Viktor Palák, and questions from the audience will be encouraged. The program also includes the screening of Eggers’ sophomore feature The Lighthouse.

Robert Eggers (*1983) is an American director and screenwriter, originally from New York. His early career is linked to experimental and classical theatre, but he switched to film relatively early on. In addition to directing short films, he initially worked extensively in set design. In 2015, he shot his debut feature The Witch, an atmospheric horror film set in early 17th-century New England. The film earned him not only rave reviews from audiences and critics around the world, but also the Best Director award at the Sundance Film Festival. His sophomore feature, The Lighthouse (2019), starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, premiered in the Director’s Fortnite section at the Cannes Film festival and was subsequently screened at dozens of festivals around the world. . In 2022, Eggers' third feature film Northman, an epic historical thriller set in the Viking mythology, opened in cinemas all across the world.

Jarin Blaschke (*1978) is an American cinematographer. He has worked with Robert Eggers on all of his feature films and was nominated for an Academy Award for The Lighthouse. His most recent film, M. Night Shyamalan's Knock at The Cabin is scheduled for release in early 2023.

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